Gender, Sexuality and Autism

Join the East Renfrewshire branch of the National Autistic Society as they present 'Gender, Sexuality and Autism', a talk by Dr Chloe Farahar and Annette Foster.

Gender, Sexuality and Autism

About Gender, Sexuality and Autism

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Autistic experience, and the nuance of gender and sexual identity in the Autistic community with Dr Chloe Farahar & Annette Foster from

What is autism – what it is not (myths and misconceptions)
• Autistic strengths
• Mind your language

What psychology is catching up with:
• Autism is more than an “extreme male brain”
• Autistic people are also: Men, women, non-binary, trans, queer people who do not experience autism as an “extreme male brain” – external vs. internal phenotype/expression

Why autism is not a disorder
• How different psychological disciplines can approach a phenomenon differently (theoretically, methodologically etc.)
• Why humanity is neuro-diverse

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